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  • Finish an unfinished basement

    Finish an unfinished basement (full or part).

    Minimum project cost $10,000.
  • Complete basement remodeling

    Complete remodeling of an existing basement (with removal of all existing structures).

    Minimum project cost $15,000.
  • Partial basement remodeling

    Reconfigure existing basement without taking down all of the existing structures.

    Minimum project cost $12,500.
  • Flooded basement renovation

    Restore basement after a flood.

    Minimum project cost: $12,500.
  • Add bathroom or wet bar

    Add a bathroom or a wet bar to a finished or an unfinished basement.

    Minimum project cost $10,000.
  • Add egress window or walkout

    Add an egress window or a walkout to a finished or an unfinished basement.

  • Foundation repairs

    To address issues with cracking foundation walls (including crack seepage) and other structural foundation issues.

  • Basement waterproofing

    Perimeter interior drainage systems installations, crawl space drainage systems and encapsulation, and basement sump pump as well as back-up pump (battery or water-powered) installations.


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